Operating system error 5(Access is denied.).

When creating backup need to set the permissions of the folder. Set the security permissions to allow ‘Authenticated Users’ to have read write permissions to the folder. Then run backup scripts again.



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Async Calls


WPF DataGrid Add right click for each row


WPF C# DataGrid Column Sort


Create new vue js with task Runner Razor MVC

Create new Project.

In the root of the project create the following files:
– webpack.config.js
– package.json

package.json (replace the default values within <<>>)


Open cmd and in the directory where package.json file is located. Run the following npm install

Add the following in the _layout.vbhtml file.

Now in visual studio Select ‘View’ -> ‘Other Windows’ -> ‘Task Runner Explorer’. Just run the ‘Run – Development’ task. Can even build while project is running.

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Reference parent datacontext binding.